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An ISO 22000:2005 Certified Company :
Originating from Om Oil & Flour Mills Ltd., "RUCHI SPICES" has bloomed into a fragrant flower of international horizon. Its golden glorious past urges it to forge forward against the encircling gloom and numberless odds. Orissa's ancient maritime traditions inspire it further to be the beacon light in a number of productive fields.

Ruchi Food-Craft Institute, a sister concern of Om Oil & Flour Mills Ltd., has endeared itself in the households of Orissa, through its spices and vermicelli. It has initiated a revolutionary step in the food processing industry in the state.

A Unique Wave of Transformation :
Introduction of packed food/processed food by this premier institute has dawned a glittering hope for busy people in all walks of life. An All-Women Self Help Group ( Ruchi Food Craft Institute ) has been the burning example of women employment through a series of bio-products with a competitive spirit. It has completely changed the concept of marketing strategy.

Channel for a Dignified Earning :
The hygienic, processed food packets of this concern has opened up vast possibilities of earning with dignity. Serving mankind with an open approach, basing on values both practical and moral, has been the guiding spirit of this concern. Winning over the heart and confidence of numberless customers through genuine products and exemplary quality have been its motto.

A Star Trendsetter :
Being one among millions has been the dream of Ruchi. Being different, unique and far better than others in production, marketing as well as customer care has been its passion. Supreme quality, untiring labour, transparency and latest technology are the fundamental elements behind the dazzling success of this industrial house. It has already set a landmark trend in its field through whole hearted endeavour, perseverance and honesty. Besides unstinted devotion, ceaseless work, correct selection of the product have transformed "RUCHI" into a house of success, hope and inspiration for others.

The Architect Behind This Empire :
Yes, it's the story of a single man, determined, dedicated, dashing, dynamic and daring - Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Managing Director, OFML ( RUCHI ), Cuttack. With the initial investment of a paltry capital of Rs.5000/-, he led "RUCHI" to the dizzy heights of giant success. Today it has grown to a Rs.50 crore business house - through ideal work culture and progressive mindset. Acclamation, appreciation and covet recognitions have been showered on it, as a natural result.

Beyond the National Frontiers :
Ruchi products have a great demand in Singapore, Tanzania, Muscat, Dubai, Kuwait, Nepal, Bangladesh and Australia. Obtaining vermicelli technology from Italy and South Korea, it has added another feather to its cap. Global business has been its significant venture, demolishing several competitive odds in its path. Foreigners particularly conscious and careful of quality have bestowed their much value confidence on Ruchi.

Centre of Excellence :
Set up in the Industrial Estate of the millennium Silver City-Cuttack in 1976, Om Oil & Flour Mills Ltd. has carved out a glorious place in the domestic and foreign industrial area. With 32 years expertise in manufacturing and exporting quality spices, vermicelli and pasta - it has built up an image of excellence in this field.

Guiding Motto - "No Compromise with Quality and Hygiene" :
This noble principle has been moving RUCHI for decades. Following the foot prints of Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das, it prefers loss to profit - without ever compromising with the desirable quality from all points of view. This has obviously resulted in the phenomenal growth of this concern, basing on the capital "Customer-Confidence".

The Nectar of Nature :
"Go Organic"- this is the call of RUCHI. It has innovated a special technique of developing organic spices and pasta, adopting twin Italian and South Korean technology. Modern customers, conscious of their latest regimen, for sound health, demand the use of organic spices throughout the world. Phulbani district has been earmarked for producing organic spices, in Orissa. Ruchi has already joined this useful venture, ahead of others. Its research and production has time and again proved its efficacy by retaining the original aroma of spices.

Care of Specific Requirements :
Ruchi has brought cheers for diabetic patients through its "Ruchi Rice", made of pure wheat - which has been a boon for persons suffering from High BP and Over Weight. On the other hand, its "Raw Hand Pounded Rice" has high calorific value with vitamin-B - a must for good health. Ruchi Millets - rich calcium - is useful for infants, invalids and has a magical effect in the treatment of liver disorders. Ruchi Horse Gram - an effective organic product is particularly useful in treating gallstones, kidney-stones and provides relief from joint and muscular pain and common cold.

Mission Statement :
Since 1976 our love affair with spices continues. Today we have the spices of the world at our finger tips and we use them to create the dishes of many culture. We are a pioneer in seasonings technology and innovation. Our state of the art culinary center-with a huge staff, including talented food technologists - is dedicated to customization and process optimisation. We custom formulate seasonings to your applications, assuring quality control, care in blending and innovative production process. We understand proprietary nature of the business, and go a long way to protect customer secrets. Our mission is to harness fresh ideas, global control of spices and dynamic product development team to deliver tastes that delight consumers.

Product Focus
We are focused our fidelity of spices and vermicelli which is evaluated by the following three techniques.
  • Physical or sensory evaluation.
  • Physical-chemical analysis and
  • Nutritional assessment.
Packaging Superiority :
We market acceptable & high quality spices and spice products. Before it reaches sales counter or the consumer we look into various factors like proper cultivator, optimum maturity at harvest, best drying and storage practices, efficient methodology of pre cleaning and improved processing techniques.
  • Better Packaging using flexible films, thermoplastic polyester (PET), and multi layered packaging.
  • As a means of increasing the shelf -life of foods in general and of spices and condiments in particular, our packaging guidelines follow the world standard new and improved transparent plastic films, foils, laminations, high-speed film sealing machines, gas flushers for packaging food, spices, condiments and for new spices products.
  • We provide an endless variety of containers of thermoplastic polyester (PET); co extruded, metalized and coated films of all shapes and sizes for packaging.
  • Food grade plastic (HDPE)
  • Multi-layered films of HDPE are a good material to carry spices in most hygienic condition to users.



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