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Organic Cumin Powder 100g

  • Organic Cumin Powder

Organic Cumin Powder 100g


RUCHI Organic cumin powder has a distinctive flavour and strong aroma. It is a staple spice in certain stews, soups and curries as it adds a warm and earthy felling to the dishes. 

100% assurance of good quality and compliances to food safety requirements. Highest Food safety standard storing to prevent cross contamination with any other conventional products and chemicals. Certified (NPOP and NOP) by International certificate Agency.

  • Additional Information

    Best Before 12 Months from the date of packaging.

    No artificial colour, flavour or preservative added.

  • Health Benefits
    • Promotes Digestion.
    • Is a Rich Source of Iron.
    • Contains Beneficial Plant Compounds.
    • May Help With Diabetes.
    • May Improve Blood Cholesterol.
    • May Promote Weight Loss and Fat Reduction.
    • May Prevent Food-Borne Illnesses.

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